Mastering the Art of Production 

for Recruiters, Account Managers & Executives

  • Are you overwhelmed in trying to respond to the hundreds of job orders your MSP/VMS clients send you each month? 
  • Do you fear getting kicked off “the list” due to your inability to respond timely with top candidates? 
  • Are you striving to improve profitability in this high volume, lower gross margin model?

Then MAP is for YOU!

I'm Jim Coughlin, VMSA Masters Instructor

I've been in this industry for over 35 years - I started as a “Perm Recruiter,” with my biggest fee being $98,000!

When VMS hit the scene, I thought of it as a "Black Hole" and didn't think it would last. I knew my success relied on my relationship with the Hiring Manager, and I tried for years to "work around" VMS.

When I finally got on board with VMS, I discovered how to translate my skills to this new environment, and I helped guide 3 firms to triple digit growth and very profitable and successful exits.

I've issued over 2,200 W2's in a year, been the Top Supplier at 25 Fortune 500 accounts, and a Platinum Supplier with 3 of the top MSP's.

For years, I travelled all over the globe training companies on how to succeed with VMS. Now, I train over 400 recruiters a year in the MasterClass - Mastering the Art of Production (MAP).

I created MAP to:

  • Ensure Results
  • Empower More People
  • Make It Easier & Less Expensive for Companies to Participate

What participants are saying...

“...we’ve seen tremendous improvement in recruiter call time - and - the quality of conversations is much better”

“...Our speed to submit has quickened to less than 4 hours on most jobs - this gets us more interviews”

Real Participant Results:

Coverage up over 85%

Close Ratio Up over 90%

$630,000 margin increase in 6 months!

In the VMS/MSP environment, what can you really control?

As a Recruiter or Account Manager:

  • # of Subs 
  • Speed of Submittal 
  • Candidate Management 

As an Executive:

  • Program Manager Managment

All results come down to just 5 aspects & 5 measures:


Subs to Jobs


Subs to Interviews


Interview to Hire


Sub to Hire


Close Ratio

MAP is built to empower these 5 Ratios

Impacting these 5 ratios impacts your bottom line!

MAP gives you the exact actions to take to improve these numbers quarter-over-quarter. With specific details for Recruiters, Account Managers, and Executives. 

What you get

Recruiter Track:

  • 52 weekly Recruiter/Account Manager sessions 
  • Weekly Quizzes to ensure understanding & engagement 
  • 12 Monthly Live Q&A Sessions specifically for Recruiters & Account Managers

Executive Track:

  • 26 bi-weekly Executive Management Sessions 
  • 12 Monthly Live Q&A Sessions specifically for Executives 


MAP has previously sold for $25,000

Now only:

$1,497 / month for 12 months


Pay-In-Full for a Free Month!

Real Participant Results:

Coverage up over 85%

Close Ratio Up over 90%

$630,000 margin increase in 6 months!

Just $1,497/month

Pay-In-Full for a Free Month!

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Limited Time Bonus:

1 hour private session with JIM! 

  • Use it when you like 
  • Invite other team members 
  • Specific to your needs 

Buy with Confidence! 

$1,497 / month for 12 months


Pay-In-Full for a Free Month!